ROCK ART EDITIONS is for fans and collectors interested in the images of rock music – paintings, prints and photographs of (and by) musicians. Commercial art and design such as album covers, box sets and gig posters are also covered.

It focuses on the core rock art market – Bob Dylan art, Rolling Stones photos, Joni Mitchell paintings, and work by/of David Bowie, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart), Patti Smith and Miles Davis. Many other musicians creating or featuring in rock art are also included.

Top contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Peter Blake are central, alongside celebrated photographers like David Bailey, Gered Mankowitz and Richard Avedon.

Exhibitions in public and commercial galleries, releases of new work, especially in limited editions, and critical discussion are reported.

Coverage focuses on the major centres of rock art activity in Europe and North America – London, Paris and New York – but also covers what’s happening anywhere else in the world.

In 2016 this website will become the hub of a business focussing on rock art. You can ensure you don’t miss developments by subscribing to receive all new blog posts by email: just complete the sign-up box at the top of the right hand column of this page.

ROCK ART EDITIONS the website and blog, and ROCK ART EDITIONS Ltd the company, are owned and run by Gerald Smith, near London, England.

Contact: geraldsmith@rockarteditions.com


1. ROCK ART EDITIONS Ltd expressly disclaims any responsibility for any buying decisions made by readers acting on the opinions expressed on this website.

All views on the desirability and investment potential of artworks covered on ROCK ART EDITIONS are the personal opinions of blog writer Gerald Smith, and guest writers and commenters.

You should bear in mind that no-one can possibly predict the future value of any asset, artworks included.

The sensible buyer of rock art will weigh the opinions expressed here against those of others. The essential first question which you as a buyer must ask yourself is whether you feel comfortable about rock art as an “investment” class. Artworks in general, and especially those discussed here, constitute a high risk asset class – buy one and you could lose all your money.

If you’re comfortable with this level of risk, you then need to assess carefully whether any particular piece is worth buying, by amassing as much information as possible to complement the opinions on ROCK ART EDITIONS.

If you’re a collector, not an investor, you’ll buy rock art because you like it and want to own it, regardless of its future value.

2. ROCK ART EDITIONS Ltd is an independent company. It has no connection with any of the musicians, creative artists, galleries or publishers or others covered on this website.


ROCK ART EDITIONS respects the intellectual property rights of producers and owners of copyright images.

Some images on this site are reproduced without permission – under fair dealing provisions of English copyright law.

If you are a rights owner wishing to contest the use of any of your images on this website, please email writer Gerald Smith: geraldsmith@rockarteditions.com

Unless otherwise attributed, all text and images published on ROCK ART EDITIONS are the copyright of ROCK ART EDITIONS Ltd 2014-.

You are free to republish original ROCK ART EDITIONS material on the internet – on condition that you correctly attribute the source as ROCK ART EDITIONS and also link directly to my blog. To reproduce in other formats and media, please contact me by email, above.

If you wish to reproduce copy which is the property of others, you must ensure that you are reproducing in line with copyright law.

© ROCK | ART | EDITIONS Ltd 2016


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