Bob Dylan art: Brazil Series prints – second release, 2015

The Bob Dylan art portfolio – accessible to Everyman – just keeps on growing.

The latest release – a second trio of prints from the Brazil Series – was recently launched into what looks like a receptive market.

Bob Dylan art, Brazil Series, Wagon Master

Wagon Master from the Brazil Series, © Bob Dylan 2010

Bob Dylan art: three new Brazil Series prints

The new limited edition prints reproduce three paintings – Grande Arvore Beachfront, Wagon Master and Favela Villa Candido.  They continue the themes introduced by the first three Brazil Series prints, released in May 2015.

Grande Arvore Beachfront and Wagon Master are, like the first three prints, narratives documenting ordinary lives. The new Favela print, best described as a townscape, is similar to that in the earlier release.

The three signed prints are available individually and as a Portfolio Set of three.

Bob Dylan Brazil Series: accomplished, realistic

The new Brazil Series prints are an accomplished trio, likely to raise Bob Dylan’s stature as an artist among critics and potential buyers alike.  The works are technically proficient: Bob Dylan’s draughtsmanship, questioned by some on the release of his Drawn Blank series, is no longer an issue.

And their more realistic style will reassure those discomfited by the Expressionism of Dylan’s Drawn Blank works.

The three new prints, giclee on paper, with an image size of 30″ x 26″, cost £1500 each (framed).  The Portfolio Set of 3 is priced at £3500.

When I last checked (in early November), the new signed, limited edition prints seemed to be selling quickly.  After only a couple of weeks on sale, Castle Galleries (linked to publisher Washington Green) had sold out.  Indie galleries in the distribution network were also reporting low stock levels.

Bob Dylan art: how the new Brazil Series prints fit in

The latest Brazil Series prints follow a May 2015 release of three different prints.  They are the latest examples of a growing body of visual art by the septuagenarian musician.  Make no mistake – Bob Dylan is a prolific artist.  His creativity has found expression – so far – in no fewer than ten different series, outlined in an earlier article,  here.

Bob Dylan art: are the new Brazil Series prints worth collecting?

Potential buyers usually ask two questions of a piece of art: how good is it?  And how much is it worth?  My opinion?  Regarding these three prints: they’re fine, enjoyable pictures, although I prefer the key works from Drawn Blank, notably Man On A Bridge (2008).   And you’ll only know how much they’re really worth in a few years, when they start appearing in the secondary market.

To buy or not to buy?  In the end, of course, it’s a very personal decision.  If you need help before taking that decision, you might find it handy to consider this article from ROCK ART EDITIONS.

Bob Dylan art: the low-cost Brazil Series option – the catalogue

If you’re keen to explore or own Bob Dylan art from the Brazil Series but are not in the market for these new prints, remember that the excellent catalogue (published by Prestel) of all 40 Brazil Series paintings exhibited at the Statens Museum for Kunst, Kopenhagen in 2010/2011, is widely available, often at a knockdown price.

Bob Dylan art - The Brazil Series Copenhagen exhibition catalogue 2010

Exhibition Catalogue © Bob Dylan/Museum for Kunst/Prestel 2010

Copyright: Wagon Master print © Bob Dylan 2010/2015; book cover © Prestel 2011; text © Gerald Smith, ROCK ART EDITIONS 2015.  Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

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