Bob Dylan mural: bravo Minneapolis!

Bob Dylan mural in Minnneapolis, Minnesota, USA

New Bob Dylan mural in Minneapolis, MN © Eduardo Kobra/StarTribune/Tom Sweeney 2015

A wonderful new Bob Dylan mural has just been unveiled: bravo Minneapolis!

The enormous Bob Dylan mural, realised in a just couple of weeks, is now the world’s largest, most impressive piece of Bob Dylan-related art. It also becomes the planet’s most prominent, most exciting piece of public rock art.

The new Bob Dylan mural is a fine work. Its composition, portraying three different Bob Dylans, sensibly resists the temptation to show Dylan only in his mid-1960s pomp. It reflects the fact that Bob Dylan has been a major creative force for over half a century. Good call.

Its enormous scale, vibrant colour palette and mixture of realistic portraiture and abstract embellishment make it a pleasure to look at.

Its prominent location lends the Bob Dylan mural an appropriate grandeur. You wouldn’t miss it while pounding the city streets. According to StarTribune, the Minneapolis daily newspaper, you can see the new Bob Dylan mural on the corner of 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue.

Fans of rock art – and Bob Dylan – are indebted to artist Eduardo Kobra and his team for delivering such a striking piece. And to Goldman Sachs, owners of the wall, and Hennepin Theatre Trust, who managed the project.

The lovely photo (above) by Tom Sweeney captures the piece in its virgin state and places it in context, its urban setting in Minneapolis. The StarTribune has a gallery of photos of the Bob Dylan mural in various stages of completion. It’s a telling, historic sequence of pictures. They would make the centrepiece of a fine collectable book celebrating the magnificent artwork.

Bob Dylan mural – the world’s premier public rock artwork?

But is the new Bob Dylan mural really the world’s premier public rock artwork?

Well, I can’t think of a better piece. Can you?

Public rock art is a newish medium. So there’s not much competition. Not yet. Rock musicians are being celebrated in public artwork, as more towns and cities around the world start chasing the tourist dollar. The new Bob Dylan mural could persuade many other communities to celebrate their local musical heroes.

In London, the pieces of street rock art I’m familiar with include: Amy Winehouse statue in Camden; Billy Fury mural in nearby West Hampstead; Smiths mural on the South Bank; and numerous blue plaques such as that commemorating Bob Marley’s brief stay in Bloomsbury.

If you know of other public artworks in your part of the world, please Leave a reply, above, and I’ll be pleased to cover them in ROCK ART EDITIONS. Thanks in advance.

Copyright: artwork © Eduardo Kobra 2015; photograph © StarTribune/Tom Sweeney 2015; text © Gerald Smith, ROCK ART EDITIONS 2015. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

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