Alain Bashung grave: public Rock Art #3

Grave and headstone of Alain Bashung

Grave of Alain Bashung, Pere Lachaise

Since the first generation of rock musicians started leaving the stage for good, their graves and headstones have become places of pilgrimage.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris is best known as the final resting place of Jim Morrison of The Doors. On a recent visit there, I also took time to search out the grave of the recently deceased French rocker Alain Bashung/(Baschung on the headstone).

My first sight of the Bashung grave moved me to tears. I think it was the grave’s formal beauty. It’s a fitting monument: its quiet elegance is entirely in keeping with the man himself. But it also tells you that he was a recording artist.

The talented Alain Bashung was a rarity – he wrote and sang credible rock songs in French.

Because of its precision and its distinctive vowel sounds, French doesn’t easily lend itself to rock music. Hence the absence of francophone rock artists who have reached a global market. Johnny who?

Rock Art in public places – mainly murals and statues – is becoming ever more popular. ROCK ART EDITIONS is keen to explore this exciting new artform.

If you come across a piece of public rock art like the grave of Alain Bashung, please consider ROCK ART EDITIONS – please send me a photograph with details (who/what, where, by whom…) for inclusion here

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