Leonard Cohen art: an outstanding private collection

Leonard Cohen art is instantly recognisable.  It’s beautifully chiselled.  It raises philosophical questions.  It’s witty, knowing – often evoking a wry smile.  It’s autobiographical – Leonard Cohen’s favourite topic is, er, Leonard.  And women he has known. And domestic, everyday scenes.

Just like Leonard Cohen’s music, then.

And, just like Leonard’s music, his body of artwork, though sparse, places him in the very top echelon of rock muso-painters.  If you were to develop a first-class collection of visual art by rock musicians, you’d want to ensure it had a few pieces by Leonard Cohen.

After publishing A beginner’s guide to Leonard’s art here on ROCK ART EDITIONS, I was contacted by Simon de Markoff, a Cohen fan who has assembled a very fine collection of his artwork, principally signed, limited edition prints. He also has a portrait of Cohen by Morton Rosengarten, plus a couple of informal original drawings.

A selection is reproduced below.  They don’t need any words of description.  The only analysis required is to say that this is an outstanding collection of Leonard’s art.  It includes most of the key pieces which have ever been put on sale, including my three personal favourites – Grecian woman, Paris again and The end of the day.

Paris again – Leonard Cohen art #1

Leonard Cohen art: Paris Again

Paris Again by Leonard Cohen

The Hat – Leonard Cohen art #2

Leonard Cohen art: The Hat

The Hat by Leonard Cohen

I sit with the old men – Leonard Cohen art #3

Leonard Cohen art: I sit with old men

I sit with old men by Leonard Cohen

Happy at last – Leonard Cohen art #4

Leonard Cohen art: Happy at last

Happy at last by Leonard Cohen

Grecian Woman – Leonard Cohen art #5

Leonard Cohen art: Grecian Woman

Grecian Woman by Leonard Cohen

Portrait by Morton Rosengarten/I left a woman waiting – Leonard Cohen art #6

Leonard Cohen portrait by Morton Rosengarten

Portrait of Leonard Cohen by Morton Rosengarten

The end of the day – Leonard Cohen art #7

Leonard Cohen art: The end of the day

The end of the day by Leonard Cohen

Sketches – Leonard Cohen art #8 and #9

Leonard Cohen art: "Big Cocktail Julie"

“Big Cocktail Julie” by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen art: "Traveling Julie"

“Traveling Julie” by Leonard Cohen

If you’d like ROCK ART EDITIONS to profile your private collection of visual art by any rock musician-cum-visual artist, please email me (address in side-bar). I’ll be pleased to preserve your anonymity, if you so wish.

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