Leonard Cohen photos: new exhibition documenting the 2008-13 tour

Leonard Cohen photos

Leonard Cohen photos – in concert 2008-2013, © Michael Bromford 2015

A fine new collection of Leonard Cohen photos is now showing in an exhibition in Sherborne, a market town in Dorset, SW England.

The photos are the work of Michael Bromford.  He shot them at the thirty gigs he attended during the once-in-a-generation Leonard Cohen tour of 2008-13. Bromford is exhibiting them in his Global Images Gallery until 26 February 2016.

In addition to the performance photographs of Leonard Cohen, the collection has action shots of all the band members, including Sharon Robinson and Bob Metzger. Michael Bromford is well qualified as a source of Cohen photos – he’s a pro photographer as well as a superfan.

Leonard Cohen photos: online gallery, catalogue and posters

Fans and collectors who can’t make the trip to Sherborne can see the exhibition of Leonard Cohen photos in Michael Bromford’s dedicated online gallery. And they can buy the photos as a catalogue and a series of posters.

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