Bob Dylan art: The Drawn Blank Series 2014 – a mixed bag

Bob Dylan art just keeps on rolling off the production line. Yesterday saw the launch of Bob Dylan – The Drawn Blank Series 2014, eight new prints developed from sketches first published in Drawn Blank, Dylan’s largely ignored, but oh-so-desirable, slim 1994 book.

The eight limited edition graphics just released are on sale at outlets in the Castle Galleries chain in the UK.

Bob Dylan art

Woman in Red Lion Pub © Bob Dylan/Washington Green 2014

Bob Dylan art – The Drawn Blank Series 2014: smaller prints

The eight new prints are available individually and in a range of boxed sets. Six have been released in a “Standard” (53.5cm x 40cm) size.

My personal favourite is Woman in Red Lion Pub, a memorable image. Dylan exhibits enviable technique here – how on Earth did he make this woman – a broad-beamed, middle-aged barfly with greasy hair – so alluring?

Its blue colour palette is a delight, though I prefer the 2008 version, where Woman is wearing a canary yellow dress. The earlier print’s brighter colour and larger size emphasise the subject’s perpetual struggle with her weight (and poor dress sense).

The other striking Standard image is the evocative Sunday Afternoon: you just feel you’ve been there. Cityscape also appeals to me.

Bob Dylan Art

Sunday Afternoon by Bob Dylan, © Bob Dylan/Washington Green 2014

I’d expect this trio to sell well.

The other three Standard prints are less appealing. The weakest image, Slide, suggests that publishers Washington Green might be near to exhausting the rich seam of images from Drawn Blank.

The Standard-sized prints are published in editions of 295, at £1500 each, unframed.

Bob Dylan art – The Drawn Blank Series 2014: larger prints

There are two “Medium” (75cm x 56cm) prints in the new releases. Train Tracks has been one of the key images since the launch of The Drawn Blank Series in 2008. It has been released in a variety of colours. I find the new image, in vivid scarlet, unconvincing.

Sunflowers, the other Medium print, is disappointing: it doesn’t say “sunflowers” to me.

Medium-sized prints are published in editions of 295, at £2750 each, unframed.

Bob Dylan art – The Drawn Blank Series 2014: box sets for investors

Astute publishers, Washington Green are well aware that Bob Dylan – The Drawn Blank Series appeals to investors as well as Dylan collectors and hardcore fans.

And so you can buy box set collections of the new images – the Medium pair at £4950, the Standard six at £8,500, and the Complete Collection (all eight prints) for £12950.

Bob Dylan art – The Drawn Blank Series: 2014 v 2008

The 2008 releases in Bob Dylan – The Drawn Blank Series were spectacular. The key images, Woman in Red Lion Pub, Man on a Bridge, and Train Tracks, established Bob Dylan as a painter with a distinctive vision, an artist to be taken seriously. He had created some beautiful, engaging pieces.

There are some fine artworks in the new, 2014 releases, too, but I find it difficult to generate the enthusiasm I felt six years ago. To my taste, The Drawn Blank Series 2014 is a mixed bag.

New lyrics book, deluxe Basement Tapes, Drawn Blank 2008-2014…

It’s exciting times for rock art collectors/investors partial to Bob Dylan artworks and artefacts.

First we had the publication of Bob Dylan – The Lyrics Since 1962, a prized limited edition book. Then, earlier this week, saw the release of The Basement Tapes Complete, a deluxe box set with an exclusive 120 page hardback book. Yesterday’s publication of Bob Dylan – The Drawn Blank Series 2014, introduced eight new limited edition prints.

And, from next week, you’ll be able to assess the new artwork alongside The Drawn Blank Series prints released in annual batches since 2008.

Castle Galleries’ flagship outlet, Castle Fine Art (24 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London W1), is staging an eagerly-awaited retrospective exhibition, Bob Dylan – The Drawn Blank Series 2008-2014 from next Thursday, 13 November, until 29 November.

It should be a definitive show for Bob Dylan collectors and investors. I’ll be reviewing it here, so make sure you check back late next week – and bookmark ROCK | ART | EDITIONS.

Diligent Dylan collectors and investors need to stay alert these days. ROCK | ART | EDITIONS is tracking and assessing new product, but if you know of something I’m missing, please share your information and insights – “Leave a Reply” by clicking on the link at the top of the post.

Washington Green, publishers of Bob Dylan – The Drawn Blank Series, document their Bob Dylan art in a comprehensive catalogue.

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