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Beatles, Sex Pistols, Amy Winehouse in new London exhibition

(c) Keith Haynes 2014

This is Pop (c) Keith Haynes 2014

Fans and collectors of the Beatles, Sex Pistols and Amy Winehouse will want to check out a new London exhibition, opening today at Woolff Gallery, London W1.

The new Keith Haynes exhibition of rock art also features other notables such as The Clash, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.

It’s a compelling series of mixed media limited editions.

Using as his raw material black vinyl LPs, album sleeves and record labels, Haynes has created a lovely series of contemporary pieces. They are presented, box-framed, in small limited editions, of between five and fifty.

Keith Haynes’ attractive rock art stood out for me among the 100+ gallery displays on a recent visit to the Affordable Art Fair. I’ll be visiting the Woolff exhibition soon, and look forward to scrutinising the Bob Dylan artwork, among others.

The show starts today and runs until 2 May at Woolff Gallery, 89 Charlotte St, London W1.


Billy Childish art: work by a rock art polymath

Are you familiar with Billy Childish art? I’m glad that I’ve stumbled upon it.

Billy Childish art: painting

Billy Childish art: Girl in Snow with Tree © Billy Childish 2014. Available from Lilford Gallery.

More than a few rock musicians double up as talented painters or photographers. Exploring their work is part of the raison d’être of Rock Art Editions.

But no other rock musician that I know of can match the creative breadth of polymath Billy Childish. A musician with an impressive back catalogue, Childish is also an author, poet, photographer, publisher, record label, film-maker… and painter.

I came across art by Billy Childish on Saturday on the stand of Lilford Gallery (Canterbury) at the impressive Affordable Art Fair in London’s Battersea Park.

Among many thousands of images from 115 galleries on view at the Fair, Billy Childish art caught my eye. It had an immediate emotional impact: it demanded engagement.

Billy Childish’s art is the work of a prolific creative talent: his work deserves your scrutiny.