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Bob Dylan art hits Main St: Shadows in the Night promo is unmissable

Bob Dylan album cover, Shadows in the Night

Bob Dylan art, Paris Metro: Shadows In The Night promo © Gerald Smith 2015

Bob Dylan art – images by and featuring Dylan – has been readily viewable on the web since the internet first became part of our lives.

Bob Dylan art has now hit Main Street, too.

The promo for Shadows in the Night, the new Dylan album, is virtually unmissable. City dwellers can now enjoy Bob Dylan art at street level, as part of the daily routine.

I spent last Saturday in Paris. The promo for Shadows in the Night was ubiquitous – it seemed to be everywhere. Posters, newspaper and magazine covers, in-store display/album play, radio play… . You just couldn’t avoid Dylan in the Left Bank/Montparnasse quartiers of Paris last Saturday.

Even after being reminded by Bob Dylan Inc for the entire afternoon that their man has new product to shift, I was still stunned by the Bob Dylan art exhibition awaiting me as I travelled on the Metro (aka Underground… subway…) back to my hotel.

Bob Dylan art exhibition: Duroc Metro station, Paris

The subterranean corridor linking lines 10 and 13 of Metro station Duroc had been transformed into a gallery of Bob Dylan art. As you’ll see from my photograph, above, the entire wall of one side of the tunnel was taken up by five – yes, five – large posters, side by side, of the Shadows in the Night album cover.

The album cover artwork, designed by Geoff Gans, impressive in CD size, looks even better in large-format poster size. The front cover portrait by John Shearer has Bob Dylan in an appropriately pensive moment; the blue and black colours reinforce the mood. I wonder, though, why Dylan appears caged, trapped behind bars, in a black space.

As for interpreting the CD’s intriguing back cover photograph, maybe I’ll get a clue after spending some quality time listening more carefully to the album.

I was puzzled by the promo text on the Paris posters, though: “Nouvel album: Sortie le 3 fevrier” (“… released on 3 February”, ie the following Tuesday, the same day as the US release date). Puzzled because the album had clearly been released by Saturday – I’d just been enjoying the displays and listening to the entirety of Shadows in the Night in Gibert Joseph and FNAC, the two major Paris music retailers.

Record industry embargoes on new music product are strictly enforced in England. Maybe things are more relaxed in France and other markets?

The Paris Metro posters are a tiny fragment of Bob Dylan art in public places – a fragment that I just happen to have noticed. But there are countless other examples of Bob Dylan art out there – posters promoting Shadows in the Night, portraits of Bob Dylan on magazine covers and newspaper front pages… .

Have you come across any examples of Bob Dylan art on a Main Street where you live? Please share them by Leaving a Reply, preferably with a link to an image, at the top of this post.

Bob Dylan art is everywhere: thanks in advance for sharing it.