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John Lydon art – new PiL album cover, What the World Needs Now

John Lydon art: painting on PiL album cover

John Lydon art – front cover of What the World Needs Now © John Lydon/Public Image Ltd 2015

John Lydon art graces the album cover of the new PiL release, What the World Needs Now.

The front cover has a scary-looking dude in a full colour faux-naif style. He looks as if he’d like to cause trouble. The back cover has a monochrome character with a similarly mean disposition.

It’s just the kind of expressive, confrontational stuff you’d expect from ex-Sex Pistol John Lydon (aka johnny Rotten). The witty, deep-thinking former Sex Pistol, the singer who used to call himself Johnny Rotten, is as engaging in his painting as he is in his music and in real life.

More John Lydon art on singles releases

Four other striking pieces of John Lydon art make up an impressive small portfolio created for the current PiL project – two pieces of cover art for the single, Double Trouble, plus covers for Bettie Page and The One, a pair of vinyl 7″ limited edition singles, due on 13 November.

Take a look at the Public Image Ltd website to enjoy this impressive mini-gallery of paintings by John Lydon.