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Miles Davis statue: Alton joins Nice and Kielce

Miles Davis statue in Alton, Illinois, USA

Miles Davis statue in Alton, by Preston Jackson, photo © The Telegraph, Alton

The unveiling of the new Miles Davis statue in Alton, Illinois last week delighted fans, both of Miles and of rock art.

The Alton statue is testimony to Miles Davis’ ever-growing stature as a giant of twentieth century culture. And, hot on the heels of the unveiling of the Bob Dylan mural in Minneapolis, it underlines the increasing popularity of street rock art.

Welcoming Alton’s new Miles Davis statue, I found myself comparing it with Miles Davis statues in Nice, France and in Kielce, Poland.  How similar are they?  How do they differ?

Miles Davis statue #1 Alton, Illinois

The striking new Alton statue, by sculptor Preston Jackson, is life-size, and cast in bronze. It portrays Miles, probably around 1970, as he was veering from classic chamber jazz to jazz-rock fusion. It’s a realistic piece – it’s obvious from a glance that you’re looking at Miles Davis. Sculptor Jackson didn’t indulge his artistic licence or impose any idiosyncratic stylisation on the work.

The Alton Miles Davis statue, centrally located at 137 West Third Street, will have a big impact, because it’s very good and because of its powerful local resonance – Miles was born in Alton, and its citizens will be enormously proud to be reminded of their most famous son.

All praise artist Preston Jackson and the Miles Davis Memorial Project, which commissioned the statue.

Miles Davis statue #2, Nice, France

The new Alton artwork looks nothing like the Miles Davis statue in Nice, France. Dating from 1999, the Nice statue is the work of French artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

Her statue isn’t intended to be realistic: it’s double life-size, portraying Davis as portly-going-on-obese trumpeter. It’s in the signature style Niki de Saint Phalle made famous – plump, joyous individuals Hell-bent on having a good time. It’s fun, so it’s finished in bright primary colours.

Miles Davis statue, Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France

Miles Davis statue, Hotel Negresco, Nice, by Niki de Saint Phalle, photo © ROCK ART EDITIONS

Nice’s Miles Davis statue is located outside the city’s landmark Hotel Negresco on La Promenade des Anglais, the iconic seafront thoroughfare of the French Riviera.

The Miles Davis statue in Nice has local resonance, though admittedly not as strong as Alton’s. Miles Davis was a frequent performer at jazz festivals on this coast, both in Nice and nearby Juan-les-Pins.

Nice also honours Davis with a public pathway named after him (Allee Miles Davis) in Le Parc des Arenes de Cimiez, the original site of the Nice Jazz Festival.

Artist Niki de Saint Phalle also had strong Nice connections – you can see other delightfully playful statues by her, just east along the Promenade, outside Le Palais de la Mediterranee.  And you can see her distinctive work at MAMAC, the city’s splendid modern and contemporary art museum.

Miles Davis statue #3, Kielce, Poland

You can see a third fine Miles Davis statue in Kielce, Poland.  Like the Alton work, it’s a life-size bronze, this time portraying an ageing Miles, trumpet to his lips, wearing a heavy topcoat against the local weather.

I’ve yet to see this artwork and would welcome comments on it from readers familiar with it.  I’m also unsure who had the enviable vision and skill to create it.  If you know more about this lovely artwork, please Leave a reply, above.

Polish jazz: the Miles Davis statue in Kielce

Miles Davis statue, Kielce, Poland, photo © Staszek Szybki Jest 2006, Creative Commons License

Other Miles Davis statues?

All three wonderful Miles Davis statues, in Alton, Nice and Kielce, pay homage to the legacy of a cultural giant.  They’re the only three I’m aware of, and I suspect there might well be others: if you know of any, please Leave a reply to this post.

Thanks, in advance.


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Miles Davis statue: public Rock Art #2

Jazz musician Miles Davis immortalised by statue in Nice, France

Miles Davis by Niki de Saint Phalle, Nice

After New York, Miles Davis is probably most closely associated with Paris and the French Riviera…

As you stroll along the glorious Promenade des Anglais in Nice, capital of the Riviera, you can’t help but notice a particularly delicious Belle Epoque building.

Hotel Negresco is the dominant landmark in a collection of architectural masterpieces. It’s about halfway between the ferry port and the airport; its signature pink dome is unmistakable from all parts of the Promenade.

Miles Davis statue

Just to the left the hotel entrance you see an unforgettable piece of public Rock Art: a statue of Miles Davis, the iconic jazz trumpeter who crossed over to the rock audience with masterpiece albums like Kind Of Blue and Bitches Brew.

Though the chubby figure doesn’t look much like the fighting-fit, lean trumpeter, the statue’s vibrancy and colour, together with the distinctive muted trumpet, successfully evoke the spirit of Miles Davis.

The statue is the work of renowned artist Niki de Saint Phalle. You can see more of her evocative creations on the facade of le Palais de la Mediterranee, a short walk along the Promenade, to the east, and also in MAMAC, Nice’s impressive gallery of modern and contemporary art.

Nice is full of fine statues of statesmen and soldiers, from Garibaldi to General de Gaulle. How refreshing, then, that the dynamic city also honours its unique musical heritage with this striking, larger than-life-Miles Davis statue.

Rock Art in public places – murals and statues – is becoming ever more popular. And ROCK ART EDITIONS is keen to explore this exciting new artform.

If you come across a piece of public rock art like the Miles Davis statue in Nice, please consider ROCK ART EDITIONS – please send me a photograph with details (who/what, where, by whom…) for inclusion here.