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The Rolling Stones in Paris: the Stones love France #2

The Rolling Stones in Paris this Friday promises to be one of the highlights of the 2014 tour.

Why? Because the Rolling Stones love France: lots of images suggest that the Stones, particularly Mick Jagger, have enjoyed a richly rewarding 50-year relationship with la Belle France.

Their most productive visit to France, in 1971, delivered Exile on Main St, one of the top Rolling Stones LPs, with its distinctive album cover.

Here are a four more illustrations of the French connections of the Rolling Stones (with apologies for the poor sizing – I’m in a rush to make Eurostar to Paris first thing on Friday morning):

#1 Mick Jagger with Francoise Hardy, 1967

The Rolling Stones in Paris

Mick Jagger with Francoise Hardy, © Jean-Marie Perier 1967

Francoise Hardy was the leading French pop singer in mid-’60s Paris, with hit singles like Tous les Garcons et les Filles. Mick Jagger was clearly a fan…

#2 Sympathy For The Devil, 1968

One + One by Jean-Luc Godard

Sympathy For The Devil, © Cupid Productions Ltd 1968

Sympathy For The Devil (aka One + One), a film directed by Jean-Luc Godard, the best-known French director of the period, has extensive footage of the Rolling Stones recording their classic song, Sympathy For The Devil.

(The DVD pictured is a freebie promo copy distributed with the English newspaper The Sunday Times.)

#3 The Rolling Stones in Paris studios

The Rolling Stones in Paris studios

Studio Guillaume Tell, Suresnes, near Paris

The Rolling Stones have occasionally recorded in Paris, most recently in 2012 at Studio Guillaume Tell in Suresnes, where they recorded One More Shot, and Doom and Gloom, for the GRRR! compilation.

Mick Jagger is thought to have laid down his vocals for Tattoo You in a studio on an industrial estate somewhere on the Peripherique.

And the rehearsals for the current tour included a set in a studio in Bondy on 14 February 2014. Other recent tour rehearsals featured a flash gig on the the Avenue des Champs-Elysees.

#4 Mick Jagger, le gentilhomme francais

Chateau Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger house, Loire valley

Mick Jagger is probably the most francophile Rolling Stone. He’s owned an impressive chateau near Amboise, in la Touraine in the Loire valley, since 1980. And he’s a fluent French speaker, as you’d expect from such an intelligent man.

Yes, the Rolling Stones certainly give the impression that they love France.

Rolling Stones photographs: exhibition of little-seen collection in Paris

Rolling Stones in the '70s exhibition

Rolling Stones – Angie (c) Dominic Lamblin 2014, on sale at Galérie Blumann, Paris.

A new exhibition, The Rolling Stones in the ’70s, offers Stones art collectors a rare chance to enjoy little-seen work by French photographer Dominic Lamblin.

The Rolling Stones in the ’70s is now showing in Paris at la Galérie Blumann, 4 Place des Vosges, at the epicentre of the exquisite Marais district, a kilometre or so east of the Louvre.

You can see The Rolling Stones in the ’70s seven days a week until 5 May, 12h-19h.


The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World’s lifelong love affair with Paris shows no signs of cooling: the Rolling Stones play le Stade de France on 13 June.

And they’ve spent a lot of time in Paris/Ile de France in the last few years. In August 2012 they chose Studio Guillaume-Tell in Suresnes, just west of the Bois de Boulogne, to cut Doom and Gloom and One Last Shot, the two new songs recorded for the GRRR! compilation.

The Rolling Stones also rehearsed in Paris for their 2013 and 2014 tours, delighting assiduous hardcore fans with tiny try-out gigs in and around the city.

Paris returns their love, of course: Rolling Stones product is almost as visible in the City of Light as it is in London.

On my last cultural rummage, I spotted a giant print of the iconic Terry O’Neill photograph of Mick Jagger on the cover of Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary, a very large format limited edition book of photographs, published by Original Editions:

Mick Jagger (c) Terry O'Neill 2013, cover of Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary, Original Editions, 2013

Mick Jagger (c) Terry O’Neill 2013, cover of Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary, Original Editions, 2013