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Leonard Cohen art: beginner’s guide – coming soon

Though Leonard Cohen art is not that well known, the singer, 80 tomorrow, is a key rock artist.   I find his artwork moving and will be publishing a Beginner’s Guide to Leonard Cohen art in a couple of days.

Here’s a taster.

Paris Again is one of my favourite pieces of Leonard Cohen art.  I feel as though I’ve been to that exact spot in Paris dozens of times.  I’d bet it’s the little park planted with rows of lime trees just outside Invalides Métro station on the Left Bank.  if not, it’s got to be near the tennis courts in the Jardin du Luxembourg!

Leonard Cohen art: drawing painting limited edition artwork

Leonard Cohen art: Paris Again, © Leonard Cohen

As you’ll see from my Beginner’s Guide in a few days time, Leonard Cohen art comprises drawings and paintings.  They have been published in books, enriching his prose and poetry, and as stand-alone limited edition prints.

His main subjects are portraits, especially self-portraits, life studies of women, with and without clothes, and snapshots of la vie quotidienne – everyday life.  Last time I checked, Leonard Cohen had exhibited his art in half a dozen shows in small private galleries in the last few years.

If you have any favourite pieces among the substantial body of art by Leonard Cohen, please share them with fellow readers of ROCK ART EDITIONS.