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Bob Dylan art: the Brazil Series – three new signed, limited edition prints

Bob Dylan art: The Brazil Series

Bob Dylan art – Favela Villa Broncos, The Brazil Series © Bob Dylan/Castle Galleries 2015

Bob Dylan art is ever more accessible.

Castle Galleries, publishers of the Bob Dylan Drawn Blank Series, have just released three signed, limited edition prints from a new collection, Bob Dylan The Brazil Series.

The three images, Medium format in giclee on paper, are: Ranchers and Boxing Gym (both portrait, 15.5″ x 23.5″) and Favela Villa Broncos (landscape, 24″ x 18″).  They are £1,110 each, unframed/£1,250 each, framed.

They’re also available as a portfolio of three prints (£2,950).  All four products are signed and come in numbered limited editions of 295.

Bob Dylan art: The Brazil Series – background

Following The Drawn Blank Series, Bob Dylan art changed direction, with a very different looking collection, The Brazil Series.  The Brazil pictures are bolder, more sombre examples of Bob Dylan art – more socially engaged, more concerned with groups of people.

Clearly conceived as a collection, The Brazil Series of paintings (acrylics on canvas) and drawings (pencil on paper) was exhibited at Museum for Kunst, Kopenhagen, National Gallery of Denmark, September 2010-February 2011.

Bob Dylan art - The Brazil Series Copenhagen exhibition catalogue 2010

Exhibition Catalogue © Bob Dylan/Museum for Kunst, Kopenhagen/Prestel 2010

The catalogue for Bob Dylan The Brazil Series has nearly 50 images – 80% were displayed in the Copenhagen exhibition. The hardback catalogue – highly recommended – has been popping up for some time in remainder shops: I spotted a pile in Oxford’s The Last Bookshop, discounted to £3 each, last October.

You can see where The Brazil Series fits within the growing body of Bob Dylan art in this ROCK ART EDITIONS guide to his first ten series.

The Brazil Series prints are available online from Castle Galleries, selected outlets in its High St chain (eg Cardiff and Cambridge) and some independent art retailers such as Hawthorn Gallery, in Stalybridge, Cheshire.

Coming soon on ROCK ART EDITIONS: Bob Dylan art: The Brazil Series – to buy or not to buy?


Copyright: images Bob Dylan and Castle Galleries, Museum for Kunst, Kopenhagen/Prestel; text Gerald Smith, ROCK ART EDITIONS.  Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.