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Ringo Starr Photograph: new book has rare and unseen Beatles photos

Ringo Starr Photograph, the new book by the former Beatles drummer, presents Ringo’s Beatles photos alongside shots of other phases of his life and times. The “rare and unseen” photographs are enhanced by a commentary by Ringo. The mass market edition of Ringo Starr Photograph follows an earlier signed limited edition, both from Genesis Publications.

Beatles photos are not difficult to come by – the Fab Four number among the most photographed individuals in the history of the world. But Beatles photos shot by a Beatle are pretty rare. Hence the interest from fans and collectors.

Ringo Starr photos

Ringo Starr Photograph © Genesis Publications 2015

Ringo Starr Photograph was launched at London’s prestigious National Portrait Gallery. A couple of weeks ago, the gallery and Genesis were still selling 10 different framed prints of Beatles photos taken from the book. All 10 are published in a limited edition of 25 copies, signed by Ringo Starr. The framed prints cost £1965 each, delivered.

Ringo books before Ringo Starr Photograph

Ringo Starr Photograph isn’t the musician’s first contribution to Beatles art: his two earlier books interest fans and collectors, though neither carries his photos of the band.

Beatles photos

Ringo Starr, Postcards From The Boys © Cassell 2004

Postcards From The Boys was published as a mass market book (Cassell, 2004) after first appearing as a signed, limited edition by Genesis Publications. Postcards From The Boys consists of the facsimiles of 50+ postcards sent to Ringo Starr by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison over 30 years, from the band’s 1960s heyday. Both Lennon and McCartney decorate their postcards with quick sketches: Beatles art for Everyman.

And Ringo Starr lyrics from the Beatles song Octopus’s Garden were worked into a children’s book of the same name (2013/2015), with charming illustrations by Ben Cort.

Beatles art by Lennon, McCartney (and Harrison)

Collectors of Beatles art realised long ago that the Fab Four had individual creative talents well away from the recording studio and the concert stage.

John Lennon drawings and paintings, the best-known category of Beatles art, can be seen in several collections, starting with his witty mid-1960s books, In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works. John Lennon: The Collected Artwork, edited by Scott Gutterman (Insight Editions, 2015), brings the story bang up to date.

Macca’s engaging canvases are collected in Paul McCartney Paintings (Little, Brown, 2000). And George Harrison entered the fray with I Me Mine, a book of curated images, also published in two editions, like Ringo Starr Photograph, by Genesis.

ROCK ART EDITIONS will be exploring Beatles art – Beatles photos, John Lennon art, Paul McCartney paintings and the books of Ringo Starr and George Harrison – in depth. So fans and collectors should keep checking in!