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Stone Roses photographs by Ian Tilton

Image (c) Ian Tilton 2013

The post-Punk flowering of bands from Manchester – The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis and a host of others – created a supporting cast of talented local writers and photographers.

Notable among these Manchester rock art celebrants is Ian Tilton, chronicler of the fabled Stone Roses.

I’ve been enjoying Tilton’s recent book, Set In Stone: Ian Tilton’s Stone Roses Photographs (Omnibus Press, 2013, paperback), which documents the brief apogee of the band many regard as the key export from Manchester’s brief spell as rock’s global HQ.

The collection captures the giddy excitement of the rapid rise of the Stone Roses, for a short time a seemingly unstoppable creative force.

Ian Tilton has worked with many other local musos, including Morrissey, Liam Gallagher and Sean Rider (Happy Mondays), as well as big-hitters from beyond NW England like Kurt Cobain, Robert Smith and Amy Winehouse.

You can explore (and buy from) Ian Tilton’s extensive portfolio here: